Get Excited About Hybrids

I’ve been doing A TON of research on cloth diapers to include fit, longevity, absorbency, and resale value. I can tell you that if you buy a brand that is hardly every discounted (bumGenius, GroVia), chances are that when your little one grows out of it, you can recoup up to 80% of your investment … Continue reading

Point Proven

Have you ever engaged in a heated debate about cloth-vs-disposable? Next time, use this line! When I told my mother that I was going to start cloth diapering my little one, I got this look that you wouldn’t believe. I thought that by making a decision that was very Eco-concious was something that would shine … Continue reading

My Little FuzziButt

Caleigh and Mommy are enjoying the FuzziBunz fitted line; seen here in Chocolate Truffle. Since I made the decision to switch to cloth, I thought that OS were the way to go since I wouldn’t have to repurchase diapers when Caleigh would grow out of the fitted ones. I quickly changed my mind after seeing … Continue reading

It’s A Fluffing Addiction

I’ve become very friendly with my UPS man over the past month. Between the holidays, work items and my new obsession with fluff, I’d say he delivers to the house at least once or twice each week. Oh, have I forgotten to mention I run my own business too? I’m an insurance agent with Aflac … Continue reading

Oh, My Katy! is having their Mom Appreciation event until 2/1. You can save an additional 20% on select baby items by entering BABY2013 at checkout. My very first brand new cloth diaper I purchased for myself as a Christmas present. I was so excited about CD that I started cycling that ONE diaper in with my … Continue reading

Great Cloth Diaper Deal!

In beginning my research for starting my “stash” I’ve come across several avenues for buying diapers at a discount. If you are anything like me, I’m not spending a ton of cash without being sold that this is something that I can handle. Again- I remind you of the fact that touching my two oldest … Continue reading

What Am I Getting Into?

Let me start with this: I have no clue what I’m about to get myself into. I’ve heard all about cloth diapering and how much money it will save over a child’s time in diapers so after using my best attempts to “Google” the workings of cloth diapers, I’m giving it a go. I’ll share … Continue reading