Oh, My Katy!

Amazon.com is having their Mom Appreciation event until 2/1. You can save an additional 20% on select baby items by entering BABY2013 at checkout. My very first brand new cloth diaper I purchased for myself as a Christmas present. I was so excited about CD that I started cycling that ONE diaper in with my disposable diaper routine. That didn’t last very long. I went on a bargain hunt for some pre-owned and discounted diapers. My goal in switching to cloth diapers is to significantly reduce the ongoing cost for my newborn for as long as possible and refusing to buy anything at full price. The very first diaper I purchased was an Oh, Katy as Amazon’s lightening deal of the hour and oh this Kadi loves it!

I like how the pocket opening is in the front so on a really messy diaper my hand isn’t going anywhere near the yucky. The inserts and fleece do not pill like some  of the other diapers and it’s extremely soft! These diapers are usually $17.95 and I just scored a deal on a really cute Kelly Green (Green Apple) one for $12.22 with free shipping (w/ Amazon Prime membership). Not every color is eligible for the 20% discount so check your items at checkout before submitting your order.



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