Point Proven

Point Proven

Have you ever engaged in a heated debate about cloth-vs-disposable? Next time, use this line!

When I told my mother that I was going to start cloth diapering my little one, I got this look that you wouldn’t believe. I thought that by making a decision that was very Eco-concious was something that would shine praise. Well it backfired. COMPLETELY. Instead, I listened to how much the water bill was going to increase and why would I want to touch poop and so on. I researched all the costs associated with washing and laundering and buying a good stash and realized that had since my daughter was born, the money I had spent on diapers and wipes, I could have paid for a really good stash of CDs. So today, after a few weeks in with the cloths, I can only get my mother to change using an aplix diaper and when the baby poops, she feels it necessary to go find the hidden disposables and put one on. HELP! How else can I get her on board fully with cloth?


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