What Am I Getting Into?


Let me start with this: I have no clue what I’m about to get myself into. I’ve heard all about cloth diapering and how much money it will save over a child’s time in diapers so after using my best attempts to “Google” the workings of cloth diapers, I’m giving it a go. I’ll share with you all of the ups and downs and real life experiences as this will be a big learning process for husband and myself.

I NEVER thought I would ever entertain the idea to CD (cloth diaper) any of my children. I’m a mom of three, 8, 7, and 3 months. Obviously my two oldest children were never CD-ed, and the thought of touching poop frankly just grossed me out. Any time the kids would have an explosive diaper, I’d throw a bunch of stain removing spray on the clothes, wash them, and hope all the poop stains came out. If they didn’t, I got rid of the clothes. I know most of you are thinking but it’s my kids poop and I should just get over it and touch it but there was no way you could get me to do that, until now.  I just welcomed my third child into the world in the fall of 2012 and all of a sudden I hear about CD-ing again. This time I started to entertain the idea. I had no clue that the diapers were so fashionable. I suppose you could say I became obsessed at the look of accessorizing with a cloth diaper that I set a goal to start the transition after the holidays. Consider it my unannounced New Year’s resolution: touch poop and get over it.

Image courtesy of yoshiaka

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