Great Cloth Diaper Deal!

In beginning my research for starting my “stash” I’ve come across several avenues for buying diapers at a discount. If you are anything like me, I’m not spending a ton of cash without being sold that this is something that I can handle. Again- I remind you of the fact that touching my two oldest daughters poop disgusted me.

Now, I’m OK with buying used or gently used cloth diapers. Wash ’em in hot water before use and it eases the thought of any outside germs. You know what also eases the decision to buy used in the beginning? Not paying full price. That’s right, you can find them on eBay, Craigslist, and websites that sell gently used diapers such as A tip for eBay- Do your completed item research before you bid. You can find auctions on diapers for $2-$30/diaper. Be aware that lower cost diapers could mean two things: 1-it’s coming from China and you need to wait 3 weeks for delivery (but I wan to start now!) and 2- there may be severe defects on the diaper. See my used diaper buying guide as a reference for buying used.

If you want to start off new, or you’ve already bought used and are ready to add some brand new ones into your stash, check out this GREAT deal with CODE: ClothDoody has the FuzziBunz OneSize in Mac N Cheese color marked down to $16.95, that’s a $4 off per diaper! Stock up and new customers can use promo code: CLOTHDOODY to save an extra $20 on their order. Since the order will total over $49, you will be eligible for FREE 2-Day shipping. This deal comes to a little over $13 PER DIAPER, a savings of over $6 each diaper. You are lucky to win an auction on eBay with shipping on used diapers for this, let alone NEW diapers.

Don’t forget, since these are NEW FuzziBunz, you can register them through their website to activate your diaper warranty!

New Customers Only. Restrictions apply.

use code: CLOTHDOODY
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