It’s A Fluffing Addiction

I’ve become very friendly with my UPS man over the past month. Between the holidays, work items and my new obsession with fluff, I’d say he delivers to the house at least once or twice each week. Oh, have I forgotten to mention I run my own business too? I’m an insurance agent with Aflac and love my job. It gives me the flexibility to work around the new baby and trying to spend as much time with her that I possibly can. I can’t get enough of her! So anyway, my order has arrived!!


I’m adding two more diapers to my stash – Fuzzibunz OS Elite in Mac N Cheese and my first fitted – FuzziBunz Small in Chocolate Truffle. I get really excited when I can add new diapers to my stash, as you can tell. I’ve heard great things about the FuzziBunz fitted and how great they work as an overnight diaper. As soon as I’m finished prepping the diaper for wear, it will go on my little one that night. I’ll let you know how it goes. So far we’ve only had success with the BumGenius Elemental lasting throughout the night without leaking or wicking on the back or legs.

Now let me tell you about the Mac N Cheese OS…oh-holy-awesome-yellow! It’s a fabulous diaper. The first thing I instantly loved was the color. This isn’t your powdered Kraft mac-n-cheese color; it’s the sweet, creamy, velveta made by the sun type of yellow. As far as the inserts, they blew my away. I felt like I was touching heaven they were so soft. I really wish I had a sweatshirt made out of these inserts. They are by far THE SOFTEST I have ever felt. Two big thumbs up to FuzziBunz for this excellent quality.



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